brokkr. finance

sustainable and predictable returns during any market cycle.


Cryptocurrencies need decentralized Platforms to function.
Current DeFi Platforms UX is too complex for the everyday users.

Brokkr aims to offer high-yield complex investmens with just one click.
The underlying strategies and assets are automatically invested.
Users get full transparency and can compare a variety of portfolios.


User-driven Design

With a vocal community and social media channels such as discord it was fairly easy for us to set up user-interviews gather information on our user's needs and validate early prototypes. 

Knowing how our users understand crypto and analysing key factors such as transparency, focus and simplification we built a platform that proves to be more than 60% easier to use for non-experts than competitor-platforms.

As Smooth as your neo-bank

It is a novel approach in DeFi but well-known in traditional finance, where investing works seamlessly with millions invested through portfolios. Users don't need to set up complex strategies manually, they don't even need to know how they work. The complexity is abstracted and automated in Portfolios.

All a user needs is a supported wallet and cryptocurrency.