With only having the completion of my mandytory two months of internship in my mind I asked my graphic design teacher 
for advice about companies, she referred me to mySugr. At the time - a super tiny start-up just around the corner of my school.
Gerald Stangl, one of the founders seemed to like my energy and asked if I was interested to start working right away. In the year I worked at mySugr, new apps were introduced, new investment pitches were held and the company grew - almost exponantially.

Beeing able to help this growth just a bit and witnessing what can happen when ordinatry people invest their heart and soul into something, that helps people live better lifes, was one of the most valuable experiences in my life.


I was responsible for numerous design tasks.
From webpages to slides or stickers and T-Shirts, I was the one to turn to when graphic content was needed.
Also I sometimes went on a bike ride to get everyone some Sushi.